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Customized Organizational Culture Survey and Training
Make your next training day work for you!

Enhancing your workforce and improving your culture doesn’t have to be costly. It isn’t, and it is easier than you think! With changes in infrastructure, job market, and continued growth approaching, the Dulles regions workforce landscape is changing. Making an investment in your current workforce is critical.
Are your employees happy at work? What do they think of the company? Are they trying to leave or planning to stay? What is your company’s culture? Is your company growing? Do you have a clear direction?  
Answers to these questions are just a quick survey away! Target areas that need attention. Strengthen your employees and their ties to your company.

For a flat rate of $5,000 this deal for Chamber Members includes:

  • A customized electronic survey 
  • 2-hours of consulting to present survey analysis, discuss the results, and develop future goals.
  • Half a day of customized training (up to 5 hours)

(Fees for additional services will also be given a 25% Chamber Discount.)
The Mission of Woodworth Enterprises LLC.
Ignite tomorrow’s leaders, inspire today’s, and develop teams that will shape history.
Who WE are.
Woodworth Enterprises was formed out of a passion for helping others achieve their full potential. We offer a variety of highly customized services in:

  • Business Training
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Personal or Professional Development

What WE do.
We help organizations strengthen their culture. We help individuals and small groups define and achieve success. We do this by talking with clients to help identify obstacles, assess the groups culture, then work to develop a tailored event, program, training series, to achieve success.  Typical interactions include a mix of consulting, assessment, coaching, and training to help deliver the desired message.
Our products are as unique as our clients. No two are alike. Products are designed to fit specific needs. Training topics are combined to deliver the best possible product. Some of the concepts we incorporate in our products are:

  • Client Interactions
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Business Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Public Speaking

More about the survey.
Shared beliefs and values make up organizational culture. This survey is designed to:

  • Evaluate culture and subculture
  • Uncover areas to target training
  • Measure actual culture
  • Improve workplace environment
  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Collect feedback about the organization

Each organization is unique, and this survey can ask organization specific questions and home in on specific areas of interest.

  • Highlight various cultural dimensions
  • Gain insight for many workforce questions
  • Room for open answer questions is available  

Survey results can go straight to influencing decisions, training rubrics, or be presented for deeper analysis.

  • Quiz-like scoring provides a grade for each category
  • Trends and traits are exposed
  • Results can be kept confidential or shared openly
WE look forward to working with you!
Contact Information
phone: (571) 612-9535
Offer Valid: January 18, 2019July 19, 2019
Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce